Case Studies


The Need
A large retail banking client needed 100k custom mousepads for a client-acquisition initiative. They were constrained by extremely tight budgets, limited storage space and staffing so they asked for a solution that would minimize impact on all 3.

The Solution
We suggested having not just the mousepads, but also the mailing envelopes, collateral and thank you letters printed and assembled overseas. We also suggested that we ship the completed packages directly to out Iowa fulfillment partner so our client would not need to take possession, store or coordinate mailing the packages to 100k end clients.

The Process
While the package components were being produced and assembled overseas we worked directly with our client’s IT staff to coordinate and test encrypted electronic transfer of customer addresses to the fulfillment center. We kept Marketing apprised of our process and involved them when necessary, but except for approvals of proofs and processes they were free to do their other work.

The Result
A flawless product and fulfillment process delivered on time and for well under the end client’s original budget and with almost no impact on the client’s resources. It was a turn-key solution.