Case Studies


Key Points

Initial projected sale: $67,500
Final Sale: $133,000
+Additional Sale: $123,000

Before tax season, we were approached by a client with a project for Ameriprise Financial. Initially, we had very little direction from the end client who was only requesting a branded stapler and perhaps a staple remover in a cellophane bag with a budget of ~$4.50/kit @ 15,000 pcs.

Our immediate response was to price multiple stapler/pen/pencil/gift box etc. designs with the ultimate goal of helping the AE understand the additional value and up-selling opportunities oversea customization allows. We suggested options that might lead the end client toward a well balanced, more robust tax season kit with matching components and the highest possible perceived value.

The final product was a custom branded gift bag that snugly housed a custom branded gift box which held a stapler, 10 pencils, 5 pens and 2,000 extra staples in a custom foam insert. The client was so thrilled with the kit that they added 4,000 additional sets for a total order of 19,000 kits @ an upsell of 55% from the client’s original budget. Due to client time constraints we shipped the entire order to our Los Angeles fulfillment/warehouse partner where they were broken up and shipped to individual offices across the country. The end client was absolutely thrilled with the kit, the execution, and the price.

We also designed and produced the following year’s tax season kit which included a custom printed tin case with custom foam insert, a re-usable, insulated coffee cup, a branded pen, branded signature flags, and coffee/tea/Advil which was added stateside.