Our Prices
RTB West's model for supplying promotional premiums is different from most. We are a pure importer with no stateside warehouses, inventory or related overhead. We buy directly from the manufacturers in Asia eliminating unnecessary intermediaries. And we also work directly with the factories to produce all manner of custom goods. Then we integrate all customization - from adding logos and creating custom packaging to printing and stuffing of collateral - into the production process where labor costs are low and pass the savings on to you. As a result our pricing is generally 20% to 60% below our competitors'.

What We Do
RTB West does not maintain a catalog or an inventory of products. Our clients come to us with a general need, a specific product request or sometimes even a detailed specification for something that does not yet exist. Our Asia offices reach out to our extensive network of overseas manufacturers to source or create the product. Then we and our Asia staff work directly with the manufacturers to assure perfection and provide incredible levels of product customization for pennies on the dollar.
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