What We Do
RTB West is a direct importer of promotional premiums. We are a Supplier to industry Distributors. The "product" we sell is our ability to get things done in Asia; to get them done right, on time, at a market beating price, and with unbeatable service. You deal with our sharp and professional US-based English speaking staff, all of whom spend significant time in Chinese factories. We handle Asia for you.
How We Do It
We have our own staff on the ground in Asia overseeing and controlling all production to ensure quality and compliance. Stateside we run a very efficient, low overhead operation – no warehouse, no inventory, no catalog – which allows us to offer pricing that is generally 20% - 60% below the leading domestic suppliers on identical merchandise. If you have appropriate lead time (generally 60 days), a net of $8k or more, and you need a non-name-brand product, we are nearly unbeatable. We have experience producing everything from standard tote bags to ornate packaging, crystal awards and custom injection molded products.

What We Believe
We are a small company with a big commitment to our clients. Our overriding goal is to make you more competitive while making your life easier. We believe there is NO excuse for anything less than outstanding and personal service. If you want to work with a vendor who always returns your calls, who takes every promotion as seriously as you do, and who can save you a lot of money while doing it then contact us. It won't be long before you understand why so many huge companies choose to work with a company as small as ours.
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